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The design process starts with the creation of the concept and continues with the preparation of preliminary project, preliminary project and application projects. It is important to consider the needs of all disciplines in design. In particular, it is very important that the structural design runs simultaneously with the architectural design.

Therefore, we try to select each element in the design in coordination with the relevant engineering discipline. Later We care about making requests a part of the design, rather than add-ons. This is very important for the correct applicability of the design.

Meet Us

We are a creative, innovative and dynamic architecture and design firm founded in Ankara in 2013 by architects Musab Kesgin and Büşra Kesgin. We provide architectural services with an understanding that works customer-oriented, reads their demands well, and adds value to their investments.

Basically, our aim is to design buildings that touch the spirit of cities, consider the environment and have a naive aesthetic. 

We are trying to perform Mimarligi o building with a sense of responsibility towards the society that has to see it every day. Because architecture is an art that no one can ignore.


Our entire team, including our solution partners, consists of professionals who are well-versed in the BIM (Building Information Model) process. All projects are prepared by creating smart models with Autodesk Revit.

Every detail that makes up the design is thought through, analyzed, solved and put in its place. 

All visualization products de (Render, animation etc.) are made on smart models. Therefore design, project and approximate cost are completed simultaneously, 2D-3D compatibility and coordination between different business principles are ensured perfectly.

Project management

We think that the right architectural service can be provided with a good coordination between the project and the implementation process. Therefore, we also provide consultancy and project management services during the implementation process. This service is very important in terms of realizing the project prepared and visualized on paper perfectly and applying it with the right technique.

This process is provided by a team to be established at the  inşaat field. The employer concentrates on the work schedule and the expenditure calendar instead of thinking about the issues such as construction site installation and personnel tracking. The project management team deals with all technical issues, such as when, which material will enter the construction site, how much will be spent, what will be paid to the subcontractors.


With our solution partners, we also provide the application service for the works that require qualification. Sometimes the correct application of the design can only be possible with the one-to-one support, guidance and description of the designer. In such cases, one-to-one application  or application consultancy is required.

The part that separates this service from project management; In project management, work is carried out with a team that works directly with the project office and plans every expenditure in advance, instead of the construction site to be established by the employer. Application service is a direct commitment to finish the job. 

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